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Drone Inspection 

Collect data five times faster than traditional methods.

Forget climbing up ladders or scaling rooftops, a drone collect key data for you, all while you are safe on the ground.

Remove the need to work up high.

Drones are perfect for roof and other hard to access areas. By using a drone, you negate the need for elevated

work platforms or scaffolding .reducing the costs, time and most importantly, the risk.

Drones cut inspection times from days to hours.

Drones featuring thermal imaging payloads allow operators to perform a full solar farm operation in a matter of hours, compared to days using manual methods. They increase data quantity and quality and reduce costs.

Roof inspections.

Buildings, Chimneys, Structures.

Building inspections & surveys.

Aerial photography & video.

Estate agents property.

Solar farms.

Wind turbines.

Insurance claims.

Flood damage.

 Case files Available on Request.


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